NK Children’s Dept.

Lovely packaging and character designs for the NK Children’s Department (Sweden) by art directors Lina Elfstrand, Noel Pretorius & Pia-Maria Falk at Lowe Brindfors. Illustrations by Sac Magique.

NK Project credits:
Creative Director: Rickard Villard & Martin Bartholf
Art Directors: Lina Elfstrand, Noel Pretorius & Pia-Maria Falk
Graphic Designers: Noel Pretorius & Lina Elfstrand
Illustrator: Sac Magique
AD assistant: Madelene Hansson
Account Director: Pelle Holm
Account Manager: Tina Lindkvist & Anna Holmgren
Final Art: Mimmi Wägerth
Brand: NK

Luna Maurer

Luna Maurer is Dutch I think, based in Netherlands nevertheless. She has a lot of interesting stuff on her site - check it out.

The Digest #2 November —

Here we go again. We know you’ve been waiting for this. The monthly digest of “stuff submitted”. It’s not a flattering name for a folder but who cares if the content is good? So… off the top of my head…

Rob Mack is influenced by graphic design and illustration from the 50s through the 70s. He loves crazy colors and beat up backgrounds. Nice - we say!

Jorge Chamorro does graphic design and handmade collages. Some really nice stuff in there.

Next time we’d like bags instead of images but anyway - super hot bags by Henrik Olssøn & Erika Barbieri - Olssøn&Barbieri.

We’ve written about Erik Kiesewetter before. Now he has updated his site with some new nice work. Check it out.

A guy named Peter sent us a mysterious e-mail, with a url only! As much as we feel like being treated like mongoloid robots, a few eyebrows were raised at this method of communication. However, after clicking the link we all agreed “Digest material!” and so here it goes - Marija Ivkovic, a nice photography portfolio.

Natasha Foote is looking for a job in San Fransisco - so send her a mail if you’re need people!

And last, but definitely not least… Supernatural, founded by zizzou, “a commercial platform exploring a range of media from product design and visualisation to graphics and fine art”. Nice!

Designers United

Designers United


Remo Caminada. Top-notch design.

1-UP / Joakim Jansson

A really good solid mix of work from Joakim Jansson

via typeneu

Escoto + Carrara

Been trying to find a proper site for Escoto + Carrara for a while, I really love their druggie fashion graphics, feels refreshing with photo montages and inverted graphics when many current trends go in other directions.


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NEW PAPERS from Madrid.


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Kobi Benezri, ex Art Director at I.D. magazine in New York.

He now runs his own studio in Zürich, Switzerland.

Illustrated Horror posters

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Part 1

Part 2


Thanks tom.


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Mejdej was founded by MA designers Sara Andersson & Trine Natskår. They met at the Danish School of Design and have been working together for several years exploring a broad range within Visual Communication. The portfolio presents large projects presents large projects and smaller assignments
within animation, graphic design and illustration. Today, Mejdej is run by Sara Andersson.

Ronnie Fueglister

Ronnie Fueglister via Manystuff.


Amazing work by Frankfurt/Berlin based studio Surface.

Lena Panzlau

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Works by Lena Panzlau.


Nice work from Ultra:Studio.

Via September Industry

SLW - Six Letter Word

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New patterns, posters and T-shirts up at Six Letter Word. Fresh!

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