Judit García-Talavera

Illustration — Tags: , , — Andreas @ 1:32 pm

Judit García-Talavera is based in Barcelona and makes water colour illustrations.

Desiree Dolron

Photography — Leigh @ 10:15 am


For years now Desiree Dolron (Netherlands, b. 1963) has travelled around the world. Whatever corner of the world she finds herself in, she has invariably returned with uniquely personal records of her journeys.


Web Design — Tags: , — Leigh @ 2:59 pm


site by tha.jp


Graphic Design, Poster Design — Tags: — Andreas @ 7:39 pm

One of the masters of modern Japaneese graphic design has passed. Shigeo Fukuda.

Rainer Neumeier

Art — Tags: , , — Andreas @ 7:28 pm

Moon (2005)

Berg (2005)

Rainer Neumeier

Scott Pommier

Photography — Leigh @ 5:55 pm

70’s Gained weight

80’s Unemployed / Borrowed a camera

90’s Bought a Camera

00’s Bought Several Cameras

Scott Pommier

Pierre Gonnord

Photography — Leigh @ 4:26 pm

Intriguing portrait photography by Pierre Gonnord

Knut Åserud

Photography — Tags: , , — Andreas @ 2:59 pm

Knut Åserud is based in Norway.


Flash, Web Design — Tags: , , — Andreas @ 12:29 pm

Job well done, simple idea + good art direction and execution. Westerdals.

London Shop Fronts

Graphic Design — Leigh @ 10:54 am

A daily documentation of the vernacular.

Penguin by Designers - The Grid

Grid — Tags: — Leigh @ 10:39 am

Someone (sorry i don’t know your name) at Ministry of Type has worked out how the Penguin by Designers books have made their grid here.

Mylinh Trieu Nguyen

Graphic Design, Illustration — Tags: — Andreas @ 10:26 am

Mylinh Trieu Nguyen.


Graphic Design — Tags: , — Andreas @ 10:15 am

Kumi Hiroi is based in Amsterdam.

Thomas Brown Photography

Photography — Leigh @ 4:54 pm

Thomas Brown Photography

Lifted from FFF

Tirana Rocks

Architecture — Tags: , , , — Joel @ 11:05 am

Very interesting building development in the heart of Tirana, Albania. By MVRDV


Graphic Design — Tags: — Andreas @ 10:34 am

Masters of the lost formats - Hardformat.


I love this guys’ work, Rafael Rozendaal. There is a subtle sense of humour to his colourful Flash experiments which feels fresh. Above: Aesthtic Echo and Colour Flip.

Credit due to VVORK for mentioning RAF.

Loose Collective

Graphic Design — Leigh @ 10:13 am

Graham Jones is a founding member and designer/art director of Loose Collective

Via Original Linkage


d’strict is a digital UX design company, specialising Web & Mobile UI, Interactive Contents and Product Design.

The 2008 Feltron Annual Report

Graphic Design — Tags: , — Wiktor @ 8:25 pm

Feltron annual report over 2008 is now online and I love it still.

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