Vadik Marmeladov — Update

Vadik Marmeladov updates his site with a new layout and new goodies. I’ll be posting some news about a new project called 11:1 soon, where Vadik and 10 other talented people are featured. For now - enjoy his portfolio!

nazi knife #6

Design masturbation magazines like Monocle are only brilliant because zines like Nazi Knife exist at the other side of the spectrum, probably the only zine with a name not considered safe for work. Embrace the filth of issue #6 (ps. we want copies).


Agency, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging — Tags: , — Joel @ 12:04 pm

Yes yes yes. France based PNTS Studio.

David Mashburn

Branding, Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration — Tags: — Joel @ 1:40 pm

Top work by David Mashburn.

Karl Otto

Art, Graphic Design, Illustration — Tags: — Joel @ 5:16 pm

Solid work from Karl Otto. And it’s for sale through PayPal.

Thanks for letting us know!

PMKFA updates

PMKFA updated his portfolio today and it is looking really good.

With work from: Sixpack France , DC Shoes, Vujj™, It’s Our Thing, WeSC, Scion, Adidas, Diesel and many more.

Jon Burgerman all over ustwo™ the studio of dreams™

Jon Burgerman doing what Jon Burgerman does best. Spreading his love all over the walls at ustwo™ the studio of dreams™.

I’m going over to have a look…

Stop drawing on the walls!

colour me in

Just ordered some of Jon Burgerman’s colour in wallpaper.


The Digest #2 November —

Here we go again. We know you’ve been waiting for this. The monthly digest of “stuff submitted”. It’s not a flattering name for a folder but who cares if the content is good? So… off the top of my head…

Rob Mack is influenced by graphic design and illustration from the 50s through the 70s. He loves crazy colors and beat up backgrounds. Nice - we say!

Jorge Chamorro does graphic design and handmade collages. Some really nice stuff in there.

Next time we’d like bags instead of images but anyway - super hot bags by Henrik Olssøn & Erika Barbieri - Olssøn&Barbieri.

We’ve written about Erik Kiesewetter before. Now he has updated his site with some new nice work. Check it out.

A guy named Peter sent us a mysterious e-mail, with a url only! As much as we feel like being treated like mongoloid robots, a few eyebrows were raised at this method of communication. However, after clicking the link we all agreed “Digest material!” and so here it goes - Marija Ivkovic, a nice photography portfolio.

Natasha Foote is looking for a job in San Fransisco - so send her a mail if you’re need people!

And last, but definitely not least… Supernatural, founded by zizzou, “a commercial platform exploring a range of media from product design and visualisation to graphics and fine art”. Nice!

Jez Burrows

Beautiful work and a new site by Jez Burrows



Just had a flick through this Stereographics book by Victionary. Pretty fun stuff.

224 pages
205 x 265mm
Released: October 2008
Full colour throughout
Soft cover with dust jacket
ISBN 978-988-98229-0-3

Noel Pretorius—Notorius

Timeline portfolio for the Art Director behind the Lowe Brindfors identity we covered earlier here on No Legacy - Noel Pretorius. Top-notch work granted. Thanks Ramus for the heads-up.

Happy F&B

I’m currently on my internship over at Happy F&B. They recently launched their new site with a lot of interesting work. Check it out at

The Documentary and a Dream—J Lindeberg

J Lindeberg’s The Documentary and A Dream features a bunch of No Legacy favorites, including Jesper Waldersten and Jörgen Ringstrand among others. Check it and beware of the page flip.


Illustration — Tags: , , , — Andreas @ 2:34 pm

More lo-fi illustration. Sretan - Bor from Zagreb.

Romina Pelagatti

Illustration — Tags: , , , — Andreas @ 2:14 pm

Romina Pelagatti, Italian name…. but french? Whatever, intricate minimalist drawings. Beautiful.

LOL - very funny!

big ups to ralf for keeping us posted on the new rosebud magazine issue - aptly titled “No 7 VERY FUNNY”. The magazine features work from a range of No Legacy favorites, above pictured work from Paul Graves (Pussy Party) and Cristoph Steinegger (Fannie). Lol it out.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Illustration — Tags: , — Leigh @ 11:48 am

New Carla Bruni website with illustrations that according to Metro “would struggle to make it on to the fridge door if it was painted by a three year-old”….


Remo Caminada. Top-notch design.


Illustration — Tags: , , , , — Andreas @ 8:02 pm

Sandra and Annika are YAWN.

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