Suburbia Gone Wild

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Martin Adolfsson is a NYC based photographer from Sweden. Check his latest project Suburbia Gone Wild out! And make sure to make a donation!

M.I.A Bad Girls

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Directed by Romain Gavras

If you’ve missed it…

wonderful rebrand of More4.

Atolón de Mororoa

From Uruguay with love. Check it out.

Moet Rosé

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F37 Bella

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Beautiful. Buy it here.

petronio associates

Well worth a look. I’m especially a big fan of their packaging. Petronio associates updates.

American Apparel™

Not the regular AA ad. Directed by Tony Kelly.

Matt Hole

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Hire this guy.


Poster by Martin Löfgren

Go see
1st of July in Stockholm. 50×70.

5070 is a group of individuals each month creating a new poster based upon a theme. The outcome is then published here on the site and later maybe exhibited somewhere away from the keyboard.

Oscar Lange

My dear friend and top talent stylist Oscar Lange. Based in Stockholm ready to take it on! (Self promotional, I did the site )

Sadness is a Blessing

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Directed by: Tarik Saleh
Starring Lykke Li, Stellan Skarsgård.
D.O.P: Carl Nilsson

Moodshare Register today!

Zoltan just launched Moodshare. Go check it out, it’s really handy!

Donate to Japan

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Rickard Sund

Stockholm based photographer Rickard Sund got a new site! And it is he’s birthday! Check it out!

Mr Beam

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

Awesome. Check it out.

Svensk Musik

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A forum for people who create, produce or want to discover new Swedish musicSvensk Musik. Neat site!

Simon Renström

Not because you mailed us. Because it’s really good. Simon Renström.


This is pretty awesome. Check out the Flux Shop to buy the art. Or download their application for personalized fluxart.

Scenes from the Suburbs

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One to watch out for. Scenes from the Suburbs directed by Spike Lee. Music by Arcade Fire. Currently screening at the Berlin film festival.

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